Aplikasi iOS buatan Google Inc.

Berikut Aplikasi iOS besutan Google, tidak semua aplikasi kompatibel dengan iPad,iPod maupun iPhone , karena disesuaikan dengan regulasi masing masing negara dan juga spesifikasi device iOS tersebut.

Google Apps for iOS

Featured Apps

  • Google Search app

    Search the web faster & easier with the Google Search app.

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  • Google+

    Stay connected & share epic moments as they happen.

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  • Gmail

    Get smarter email wherever you are.

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  • Chrome

    Browse fast & bring your personalized Chrome with you.

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  • Google Drive

    One place to create, share, collaborate & keep your stuff, available on all your devices.

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  • Google Places

    Quickly search and discover nearby restaurants, bars & more while on the go.

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  • Google Latitude

    Stay in touch with friends by sharing where you are & seeing others on a map.

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  • Google Play Books

    Read the books you love, everywhere you are.

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  • Google Play Music

    Enjoy your Google Play Music with the web app for iOS.

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  • Google Offers

    Discover, buy and redeem great deals from your phone.

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Other Apps

  • Google Translate

    Break through language barriers with easy input and quick, seamless translation.

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  • Google Earth

    Explore the world from the palm of your hand.

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  • Google Currents

    Explore free online magazines & more with the swipe of a finger.

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  • Google Voice

    Make cheap international calls & send free text messages.

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  • Google Shopper

    Research products and find great deals when you’re on-the-go.

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  • Blogger

    Blogging on the go made easy with the Blogger app.

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  • Orkut

    Orkut for iPhone and iPod.

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    Atau bisa langsung di sini


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